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Guitar & Bass Teacher Peter Pinocci

Guitar & Bass Teacher Peter Pinocci

Peter Pinocci

Pete Pinocci started his musical journey when he received a Fender mustang bass for his 9th birthday. Pete's uncle taught him the bass line to the song "Walking on the Moon" by The Police. To this day he still remembers the feeling of accomplishment and pride he felt on the day he finally mastered the song. When Pete reached high school he was showing classmates how to play popular songs by Rush and Pink Floyd. His first official student during his junior year of high school was a ten-year old girl with a severely damaged pinky finger on her fretting hand. Pete tailored a lesson plan to help her get around the fretboard without the use of her pinky finger. This student went on to play bass in many local bands in the D.C and New York area and to this day sends him a Christmas card thanking him for his dedication and patience with her lesson plan.

In the past thirty years Pete has played bass and guitar in a wide array of genres: Metal, Gospel, Country, Reggae, Soul and Folk. In addition to playing in bands he's played guitar in the orchestra for a production of Big River at The Greenbelt Art Center.

Pete has developed an individualized goal-oriented lesson plan for each of his students. A basic understanding of music theory and the ability to play a song with multiple parts is a big part of the overall goal. He wants his students to have that same sense of accomplishment and pride as he did when he learned how to play "Walking on the Moon".