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Harpsichord & Piano Teacher Cheng Chen

Harpsichord & Piano Teacher Cheng Chen

Cheng Chen

Cheng Chen began studying classical piano at the age of eight and has been studying and playing piano for more than 18 years.  She received a Level 8 Grade Piano Certification from the China Musician Association. 

Cheng attended Indiana University-Bloomington and graduated with a Bachelor of Art in Linguistics, minoring in Early Music at Jacobs School of Music.  She developed her interest in harpsichord performing, a keyboard instrument that was largely used during the Baroque period in Western music history.  While Cheng’s primary interest is the Baroque period, her early interests were Classical and Romantic periods.  Her primary inspirations are Bach, Händel, Beethoven, Schubert and Chopin.  During her course of study, Cheng performed several piano and harpsichord solo recitals, along with ensembles of chamber music. 

When it comes to teaching, Cheng encourages her students to not only become proficient on instrument but also develop an understanding of basic music theory in order to become better performers.  Since Cheng herself is a musician valuing creativity, she encourages her students to be free and creative during the study of music.  She firmly believes music study should be fun and that music itself is a way for all human beings to express feelings, emotions and love.