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Sitarist & Piano Teacher Will Nichols

Sitarist & Piano Teacher Will Nichols

Will Nichols

Piano & New Sitarist Teacher Will Nichols

Will is a Portland-based Pianist and new Sitarist, studying music at Lewis & Clark College, set to graduate in the Fall of 2018.  He specializes in the theory, performance, and musicology of the Romantic Era.  However, his musical interests are far-reaching, and he enjoys teaching rock and pop piano, as well.  While still young, he’s eager to prove himself and learn with his students.

Will’s teaching philosophy centers around developing a deep love and understanding of music, giving his students the tools to critically engage with the music they play and experience in everyday life.  While he chooses to tailor each lesson to individual students, he hopes to help deepen their understanding of what they play beyond learning the notes on the page.  He believes this is best achieved by tying what students are learning in lessons to the music that made them want to play to begin with.