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Saxophone, Bassoon, & Piano Teacher Kennedy Verrett

Saxophone, Bassoon, & Piano Teacher Kennedy Verrett

Kennedy Verrett

Brandon Kennedy Verrett is an innovative and versatile composer whose imaginative works can be found across a variety of genres. His compositional vocabulary is sought after by many collaborators who seek an authentic musical experience.. Kennedy’s scores can be found in a number of major studio and independent productions including At The End of The Tunnel, Sightings, and This Is Us. In addition to composing, Brandon’s orchestrations and arrangements can be found in films such as Deliver Us From Evil (Screen Gems), The Monkey King, Priest (Screen Gems), and Drag Me to Hell (Universal).

As a musician, Kennedy has performed with many ensembles, including the Monroe Symphony Orchestra and Fullerton Woodwind Quintet, playing bassoon and contrabassoon. Additionally, Kennedy performs on piano and an assortment of exotic instruments, including didjeridu and duduk and can be heard on many of his soundtrack recordings.

Highly talented and expressive with the baton, he has served as conductor of the Monroe Symphony Youth Honors Orchestra, has guested with a variety of groups from coast to coast, and conducts most of his own soundtrack recording sessions. This background as an orchestral musician, conductor, and player of orchestral and exotic instruments offers Kennedy an unparalleled perspective in the workings and abilities of a wide range of ensembles in the marriage of sound, visuals, and emotion. His expansive and eclectic experience, united with his limitless imagination, allows him to offer in his music and to an incredibly broad pallet of musical colors and sounds.

In addition to composing, Kennedy teaches private lessons in music composition, orchestration, piano, saxophone, and didgeridoo.