Piano Lessons For Kids...In Your Home

Are you looking for piano lessons for your kids?

Do you want a piano teacher who is fun and engaging...someone who will get your kids excited about music?

Would you enjoy the convenience of a teacher who comes to your home for lessons?

If so, you've come to the right place.

Henderson Academy of Music is a music school that offers in-home music lessons in the Seattle metropolitan area, Portland metropolitan area, and Los Angeles.

Our teachers are great with kids- we are patient, encouraging, and we love teaching kids their favorite contemporary songs!

Of course, our students learn the fundamentals of piano and music theory as well- proper technique, note-reading, rhythm, ear-training, and even improvisation and composition for intermediate and advanced students.


We're big on getting kids engaged and keeping them engaged. We do this by picking out songs that our students know and like- pop songs from their favorite artists, songs from movies, etc.

We also love playing games that keep lessons interesting...ear-training games, flash cards, simple improvisation and composition games...we've found that when kids are having fun they're more likely to enjoy lessons, practice more, learn more, and stick with piano lessons long-term.


Feel free to read more about us, or schedule a free trial lesson if you're ready to get started.