Phoenix Area Drum Teachers


Max Stabile

Drum Teacher Max Stabile

Drum Teacher Max Stabile

Max Stabile is ready and excited to start lessons with you! At 24 years old he's been playing the drum for 10+ years and understands what it takes to encourage and motivate to develop musical talent. Music has been his life and it follows Max in all he does. 

Max is a very thorough teacher who is very hands on and dedicated to his students. He has developed good methods in his approach to teaching the drum but is also interested in getting to know his students, finding out where they are in the learning process, what their musical preference is and utilize that information to customize lessons. As a student, you would pick a favorite song you want to learn and Max will teach you anything you need to successfully play your song and have fun in the process! There always has to be a favorite song!

Max is very eager to get started and is grateful for the opportunity to be a part of your musical journey!

Carisa Henderson

Drum & Guitar Teacher Carisa Henderson

Drum & Guitar Teacher Carisa Henderson

Based in Phoenix, freelance drummer, band leader and educator Carisa Henderson has performed with a wide range of artists including guitar legend CJ Tywoniak.  She attended The Musicians Institute in Los Angeles where she was formally trained in drum performance and music theory.  There she learned from some of the most experienced drummers in the nation such as Kevin Stevens, Rob Carson and Ryan Brown.  Although her specialty is percussion and music theory, she is a self taught and proficient guitarist. 

Carisa is a mother of a 3 year old and adores working with children.  Her patience, diligence and passion for her students is remarkable.

Carisa has toured with local valley bands Talking 2 Trees and Oh God No.  She managed and played percussion for Los Angeles wedding band, The Ever Afters and has organized remarkable charity concerts such as Tempe’s Kids and Kings in 2013 and Los Angeles’ Music Matters in 2012. 

Carisa keeps busy in Phoenix continuing her education, raising a family and teaching her beloved students.