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Mandolin, Guitar, Piano, Bass & Drum Teacher Rob Wickline

Mandolin, Guitar, Piano, Bass & Drum Teacher Rob Wickline

Rob Wickline

Rob Wickline is a composer, producer and rhythm section instrument guru. He started with piano when young and in high school found guitar. After becoming thoroughly hooked, Rob decided he would dedicate all of his energy into preparing to go to school to study jazz guitar. After a semester of guitar study at The University of the Arts felt he was in a place where he could manage his own guitar education with the aid of just private lessons and was growing more interested in composition and decided to make the switch.

Throughout college Rob honed his skills in a variety of different environments of composition: Electronic music was the first addictive fascination but jazz composition for various ensembles, arranging video game music, progressive rock for large ensembles, film scoring, contemporary classical and many more started taking hold. It was also in this time that Rob took the opportunity to play in the many different ensembles available to perform in at UArts. 

While exploring these many different avenues of musical creation Rob was also slowly learning the ropes in the recording arts. He developed a love and admiration for the recording arts be it engineering, mixing, mastering or collaborating with artists on songs and arrangements. Nowadays, Rob continues to wear these many hats. Some days he is a producer, some days a mixing engineer, artist, arranger, church guitarist, wedding musician, educator, bandmate and sometimes composing classical music when spare time permits - and the list goes on!