New York City Violin Teachers

 Violin & Viola Teacher Nathan Kama

Violin & Viola Teacher Nathan Kama

Nathan Kamal

Nathan Kamal is a Philadelphia-born, New York-based violinist, violist, and composer. Versed in both classical and jazz technique, he spent his early training immersed in Philadelphia's rich classical and jazz music communities, studying with John Blake, a forefather of jazz violin. After moving to New York City he continued his studies at the New School, where he earned degrees in Jazz and Contemporary Music and Literary Studies. He has worked as a private violin teacher, and as a music-theory tutor for students in New York City and Philadelphia. He has taught children and adult students and embraces the challenges that each age group presents. He performs frequently in New York City with his improvising/mixed-repertoire string quartet, Stratus Quartet, and has played in concert at the Bern International Jazz Festival, Winter Jazzfest, Northside Festival Williamsburg Walks, and the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.

A core element of Nathan's pedagogy is teaching not only from a technical perspective, but also from a theoretical and expressive one. Nathan believes that teaching students to internalize melodies and harmonies early in their musical training deepens their ability to hear and perform. Students studying classical repertoire with Nathan receive a practice checklist at the end of each lesson with a summary of topics covered during the session and list of etudes and exercises to isolate specific technical issues. This goal-oriented approach is rooted in his belief that carefully structuring practice sessions is at the core of cultivating progress. If a student is interested in improvisation, jazz, or pop music, Nathan offers in-depth instruction about creative violin techniques like improvising over chord changes, chopping, and other percussive tools.


Antoine Thouvenin

 Violin & Guitar Teacher Antoine Thouvenin

Violin & Guitar Teacher Antoine Thouvenin

Born in Nîmes (France), Antoine starts his musical studies at age 5 with the violin in the class of Jacques Nottelet before starting horn lessons at 8 in the class of Guy Durand. He successively graduated in Montpellier Conservatoire, in the violin class of Marie-Laurence Rocca and the horn class of Olivier Brouard.

His stammering with Jazz universe started at that period with the horn, when he integrated the Jazz department of Montpellier Conservatoire with François Thébèrge, Peter Giron and Pierre de Bethmann among others. He left afterwards for Switzerland in 2000 to work with Gregory Cass at the Haute Ecole de Musique of Geneva (HEM) before entering the class of Claudio Pontiggia in Fribourg to enhance his Jazz skills and start the guitar under the guidance of Francis Coletta.

From 2007 to 2008, he followed the Vorkurs curses of the Bern Swiss Jazz School (SJS) before leaving to Geneva to progress at the very heart of the Jazz school-association of the A.M.R. Encountered with artists such as Maurice Magnoni, Nicolas Masson, Vinz Vonlanthen, and Christian Graff enriched his musical path.

He graduated Bachelor cum laude in June 2013 both in music pedagogy and guitar.

In 2015, Antoine moved to New York to study at Queens College in Michael Mossman, Antonio Hart and David Berkman's classes where he graduated in May 2017.

Alongside his studies, Antoine has over 15 years of professional musical experience as a music educator, performer, author and composer/arranger. He taught for two years at the Montreux Jazz music school as private guitar teacher, at the E.P.I Geneva as ensemble teacher and at the "A.M.R/Conservatory Jazz club". He also taught for one year in an after school music program at the "Centre des Loisirs de Marignac" before moving to New York.

Currently teaching as private instructor Guitar/Violin through the Brooklyn based school "Music_on_the_Go", he recently joined "the Harmony after school program" of the CUNY of New York as violin teacher. Through this program, Antoine is mastering his pedagogical skills with training formation, seminaries and workshops such as the Suzuki method and with the guidance of Nancy Shamkman, former Director of Music for the New York City Public Schools.

Kiho Yukata

 Violin, Viola & Piano Teacher Kiho Yukata

Violin, Viola & Piano Teacher Kiho Yukata

Kiho is a professional violinist/violist, based in New York city for over 5 years. Her classical training began at the age of 3 and played in numerous youth orchestras, chamber groups, solos and competitions all through out her childhood. 

Upon enrolling at Berklee College of Music, Kiho obtained jazz training, improvisation and other contemporary technique to widen her musical vocabulary and bring herself to become a versatile player. Kiho's teaching career started largely during this time as well, as she was employed as a tutor at Berklee, due to her outstanding GPA to help other students with core music classes including Tonal&Jazz Harmony, Ear Training and Conducting.

After obtaining her bachelor's degree Kiho moved to New York and has played at acclaimed venues such as John F. Kennedy Center, Beacon Theater, Lincoln Center, etc. with various artists of all genres. She has taught over 50 students of all ages and creates worksheets and study materials on her own to help her students achieve their own goals. Her classes can range from meticulous preparation for NYSSMA, ABRSM and Trinity examinations/competitions to fun Jazz improvisational classes.