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Bass & Guitar Teacher Mario Pagliarulo

Bass & Guitar Teacher Mario Pagliarulo

Mario Pagliarulo

Dedicated, passionate and innovative are three words that perfectly describe Denver based bassist Mario Pagliarulo, relocated in 2013 from L.A. where he spent the previous 12 years touring, recording, writing, teaching bass guitar and collaborating with a wide variety of artists of international fame while producing and recording music for artists, motion picture, TV and general media.

Mario was born and raised in Naples, Italy where his musical career started at the age of 19, a career that spans the Atlantic and touches on almost every musical genre and style. He decided to move to Los Angeles in 2000 to pursue an International career and quickly became a busy session player in the city by gigging, touring and recording with some of the best independent artists in L.A. In 2006 Mario caught the attention of Serj Tankian, lead singer for the Grammy-winning, multi-platinum band, System Of A Down. Serj took Mario on board as the bassist for his backing band the FCC and they spent 2007 to 2009 touring the world and opening for even bigger acts like Rage Against The Machine, Foo fighters and STP to name few.

In 2009 Mario lent his singular sound to Trevor Hall (Vanguard Records), one of the most exciting young artists on the scene today, and toured the U.S. playing more than 500 live shows from 2009 -2011. A live album was released in 2010 (Chasing the Flame, Vanguard Records).

In 2010 Mario recorded bass tracks for Serj's upcoming release, Imperfect Harmonies (Serjical Strike Records/Reprise Records, 2010) and rejoins Serj and the FCC for the support tour of the album.

In 2012 Mario recorded the 3rd and last Serj's solo record Harakiri (Serjical Strike Records/Reprise Records, 2012) and rejoined Serj and the FCC for the Harakiri support tour till early 2014. 

Throughout his career Mario never stopped teaching and sharing his knowledge and passion with students of all ages. From 2014 to today Mario established himself as one of the busiest bassist in Denver. A diverse musical background, unique musical sensibility, compelling stage presence and impeccable professionalism have always driven his musical career both on stage and in the studio. This has made him one of L.A.'s and Denver's busiest bassists.